Churchill Plant Engineers Terms of Business

All new customers must pay their first invoice at the time of delivery or on the day of service is rendered. No vehicles/stock will be released until this invoice is paid in full.

Second term customers will be given credit terms unless credit is refused.

All parts required that are valued in excess of £4000 will require a 50% deposit from the customer regardless of credit terms.

All invoices are due for payment on the last day of the following month. So, an invoice dated 1st June must be paid by the 31st July. Alternatively, an invoice dated 30th June must also be paid by the 31st July.
All invoices not paid on the set date, unless agreed with the Directors, will be charged a late payment fee of 8% daily from the 31st of the month. Replacement Paperwork will be charged at a cost of £25 per item.

Any equipment left on Churchill Plant Property after the 31st will also be charged a daily rate of £25 per day to cover the space being taken up and to cover the insurance and security costs incurred by Churchill Plant
If an invoice still remains unpaid 30 days after the due payment date, then Churchill Plant Engineers and Churchill Plant Engineers reserve the right to take as collateral any items held at that time on behalf of the customer. If payment is not made within 14 days after this collateral is taken, then these items will be sold to cover any unpaid invoices and the remainder will be repaid to the customer with a full and fair itemisation.
If no collateral is available, then Court Action will be taken immediately upon default.

These terms of business serve as our letter of service of any legal action or any of the preceding actions.